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Wholeness through Weight Management

After a routine checkup, my internal medicine doctor called me at home. I was watching a sitcom on television and was tempted to let the phone go to voicemail. Tomorrow was going to be a big day at work, so I was trying to watch something funny on the television to ease my rising anxiety. However, my gut instinct prompted me to answer.

“Hello,” I said.

He told me to go directly to the hospital. In hindsight, I had ignored all the signs screaming at me for hypoglycemia: vision problems, irritability, constant urination, and fatigue that wouldn’t cease even though I religiously took B12 vitamins. My problem was I was under too much stress at work and there was nothing I could do about it. My solution was to just press through these challenging times until the summer and then take a long vacation. I was 100 percent wrong!

I was shocked when the ER doctor told me I had to stay in the hospital. I immediately pulled out my cell and called my family, then I left my office a lengthy voicemail about my circumstances. I ended up being in the hospital for three days hooked up to an IV.

And just like that, my life went from no medications to being medicated daily. I had to tell my stylist that I could no longer be a regular customer. The cost of my prescriptions cut too deeply into my income, and I had to budget wherever I could with my finances. I even had a period where my eyesight was affected so badly that I couldn’t read anything without using a 4x magnifying glass. What a joy it was for us to remember and for me to learn more of her life when she shared stories from the past. It was also fun to add photos of the then and now from parties, visits and trips to Bob Evans' Restaurant for lunch. These are the times I treasure now.

Distress makes it a priority in our daily lives. How you react and respond to a distressing issue can trigger negative emotions, depending on your mindset choice. That is a choice you make, from eyes open to how you manage daily activities to what you think about before you go to sleep.

Self-care is NOT selfish! For you to be at your best and fully able to care for others, it is important to make YOU a priority. Engaging in self-care shows your family, friends, work colleagues, and anyone else you encounter that you value yourself.

Your mindset can change each day beginning with 5 MINUTES! You must become a priority on your calendar to make those 5 MINUTES count each day.

Here are some fun ways to use those 5 MINUTES. Find a quiet space for your retreat- yard, bathroom, closet, or car.

Wiggle your toes, ankles, and legs.

Stretch your hands and fingers high in the air.

Take a breath in and out. Smile. Laugh, Repeat.

I thought I was doing self-care because I listened to what my mind and soul needed. Well, when my body finally spoke up for itself it forced me to change my ways. I learned that my body was just as important as the rest of me.

Weight management is difficult, I battle old habits often and sometimes miss my mark, but nevertheless, I am not only healthier, but because of my experience I am wiser. I now have true wholeness something lacking in the past.

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