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THE JOY of gift giving: How Generosity Enhances Your Self-Care Routine

When many people talk about the five love languages, the act of gift-giving often comes up with an asterisk next to it. Gift-giving is a way to express love, care, and appreciation for someone. It can be a small gesture that significantly impacts the recipient. Especially during the holidays, gift-giving can be a way to spread joy and happiness. As someone who loves giving gifts, it always feels good to see the recipient's delight. There is something special about the act of gift-giving itself beyond the material possessions. It is a way to show someone that you are thinking of them and that they are essential to you. It can be a way to create a deeper connection with someone, even if it is just a small gesture. It is also a way to express gratitude for the people in your life. 

During the holidays, gift-giving can be particularly special. It is a time to celebrate and connect with loved ones. There is something magical about finding the perfect gift for someone, wrapping it carefully, and watching them open it with excitement.

Of course, gift-giving is not just about the act of giving itself. Many people have elevated stress about giving gifts. They must determine whether they're giving the right gift and how it will be received. The thought process that I like to move forward with is if you have listened to that person, you are likely on the right track. If you were trying to purchase something for them that is a result of a comment they made, something they like to do, or because you know their personality and you believe it would likely be something they would love, your mind is in a suitable space. 

Remember that the thought and effort to select a gift is so important. It is not about spending the most money but finding something that genuinely reflects the recipient’s personality and interests. Behind gift giving should be the notion that you were present when they communicated something that made you think of them when that specific gift came to mind. When such thought is put behind purchasing a gift, it is often well received.

The feeling you get from giving a gift to someone else, especially when it is received well, can boost your endorphins, which will result in you having an added boost of energy, which often adds to a much better day. Self-care is not always about identifying things you can do for yourself; it's about remembering things that add to your overall health and wellness. Our bodies' reaction to giving gifts is nothing short of amazing.

In conclusion, gift-giving is a beautiful way to express love and appreciation for someone. Especially during the holidays, it can be a way to spread joy and happiness. As someone who loves giving gifts, I can attest that seeing the recipient's delight always feels good. Remember to put thought and effort into selecting gifts and let the act of sacrifice giving be a way to create deeper connections with the people in your life.

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