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The Energy Of Lack, Attracts The Energy Of Lack

The Energy Of Lack, Attracts The Energy Of Lack.

Since I turned 60 years young this year, I noticed a trend in the last ten years of my life.

When I focused on how much I already had, which is a form of self-care/self-love, instead of what I was lacking, I received more of what I needed.

Two examples come to mind. When I stopped saying I couldn't afford a trip to Spain and focused on a child I could treat with a rare disease in Barcelona, my income from my books started rising and I was able to buy my airline ticket. A caring gift to myself and the child.

When I stopped worrying about how I was going to care for my mom that didn’t want to move to Mississippi and live with me because I live, “In the middle of nowhere” LOL her words, not mine, then the home care assistant needed started to become a reality. A loving gift for her and myself. The words, “I can’t afford” and the thoughts of worry that we create, send the energy of lack into the universe. Go ahead and write down two things that you feel you don’t have enough of. Money, time, peace, beautiful clothes, etc…. What does that feel like in your body?

Now, do these two things:

Write down what you have right now that you didn’t have when you were 25. Bring your attention to your body and take a deep breath with gratitude for your health.

You’ve now entered the realm of truth and self-care where everything changes.

Acknowledging what you already have and this breathing exercise is a form of self-care/self-love.

It removes you from the energy of lack and catapults you into the energy of abundance.

For some insight into why this works Dr.David Hawkins’ book, Power VS Force tells why this works. Thirty years of his research show us that our thoughts create energy in the body that makes us physically weak or strong. Love is a very high vibrational frequency.

As Marianne Williamson reminds us:

“In a universe where only love is real, I need not be deterred by the appearance of fear. Where there is a lack in the material world, I proclaim the infinite abundance of the spiritual universe. Where there is discord and conflict on the material plane, I proclaim the love that unites us as one.”

The new season of abundance is here and waiting for us my friend. We already have all that we need

Jackie Castro-Cooper is a holistic, alternative physical therapist and speaker. Her books, The Power of Self Care/Self Love and The Power of Self Care/Self Love Journal Workbook are loved by everyone. You can find her at

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