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Ten Ways to Help Your Friend or Loved One Who Has Breast Cancer

1. Listen.

Ask questions to show you care, but let your friend or loved one lead the conversation.

2. Visit.

Cancer patients and caregivers are still people, and they want to see you, talk to you and laugh with you.

3. Give hugs.

They are not broken. Hugs help lift our spirits.

4. Pray.

Pray with them and pray for them. Help your friend or loved one keep them faith.

5. Help Them Out.

Find a way to help Don't ask if there's anything you can do – just do it!

a. Set up a meal train for friends to deliver meals for their family. Find out if there are any foods the patient needs to avoid or has developed an aversion to during cancer treatment or if their family members have any food allergies.

b. Help with the laundry or cleaning., if you don’t have time pay for a maid service to come and do a deep cleaning of their home.

c. Babysit their children. Take them out to a movie or the park so that their parents can have a break.

d. Take care of their pets. Give their cat or dog a bath or take them to a groomer.

6. Call them.

Just pick up the phone and tell your friend or loved one that you are thinking of them.

7. Make them laugh!

Tell them a joke or two to remind them that they are alive.

8. Make them a to-go bag.

Prepare a to go bag for them to take to treatment. Treatment rooms are cold and treatment can take a long time. Prepare a bag with a blanket, a hat, crossword puzzle books, a deck of cards to play solitaire, a journal for them to write out their feelings, add their favorite snacks.

9. Rides.

Give them a ride to their appointments. If you can't give them a ride, give them a gas gift card or host Uber or Lyft rides to and from their appointments.


Plan a “I Kicked Cancer’s Ass” party to celebrate the end of their treatment. Celebrate the battle that they have won.

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