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Self- Care: Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

The holidays are upon us and it is that time of year when there is an over-abundance of food everywhere: home, work, family, and social events just to name a few. This can be a bit tricky to navigate especially when it comes to family and they have spent hours painstakingly preparing your favorite savory dish that is next to impossible to pass up. However, with a bit of planning, you can get through the holidays without gaining additional weight or without hurting anyone’s feelings.

But before I give tips on how to maintain good eating habits and not overindulge, I would like to take a moment to remind readers of my weight loss journey. Not too long ago, I was topping the scales at 235 (it may have been more than that, I just stop weighing myself after it hit 235) as if not knowing my weight would change anything. Anyway, I started having serious health issues, high blood pressure, prediabetes, high cholesterol, early-stage kidney disease, and the list goes, not to mention I was feeling miserable. Needless to say, I had to make serious adjustments. But making the adjustments during the holidays was the most challenging. My birthday, wedding anniversary, and Thanksgiving fall within the same week and depending on the year one of those milestones fall on Thanksgiving Day! Followed by Christmas Holidays and events. Double whammy! Whew!

So I got the weight off and my health begin to improve. I still had to learn to make wise healthy choices around the holidays and so can you.

First and foremost remember health is wealth. I am urging you to exercise self-care by eating healthy all year long and not just on holidays!

Tips to stay healthy during the holidays:

• Drink plenty of water, get proper rest, and exercise.

• Avoid sodas, punches, and juices (I would rather eat my calories than drink them).

• Eat slowly and savor the moment, especially in the desert.

• Eat more veggies and reduce your carb intake.

• Just say no and explain you are trying to stay healthy and avoid health issues.

• Focus on time with family and friends and not so much on the food (I know you are saying who is she kidding) but at least try.

• Use moderation—avoid seconds and thirds servings.

• Avoid processed and fast foods.

Other self-care tips:

• Go for a walk in the park.

• Pray and mediate.

• Volunteer to help others during the holidays.

• Recite positive affirmations, such as I am healthy and I will continue to be healthy.

Remember Self Care includes being healthy so that you can enjoy life with family and friends for many years to come!

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