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Self-Care for Diabetics

In 2005 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After the birth of my son, Isaiah. In denial, I fought against making dietary changes, for several years. This resulted in multiple trips to the emergency room visits and weight gain. My wake-up call was in 2019 through the loss of my mother. Her passing started my journey to a healthier life and a healthier me!

I am delighted to share a few self-care tips that personally changed my life. You do want to consult your physician as everyone's health is different.

1. Exercise:

  • Find a workout buddy to take this weight loss journey with you.

  • You can start by walking, signing up for your local gym, or finding a personal trainer.

  • A personal trainer helps set personalized activities related to your health and weight.

  • A personal trainer can provide daily meal preps and exercise guidelines to help you on your journey.

  • A personal trainer can hold you accountable.

  • Set realistic weight goals: Remember the goal is to become healthier. Do not become discouraged if you do not lose weight quickly.

  • Take your weight at the begging of your journey.

  • Keep a log to track your progress.

2. Nutritional Changes:

  • It may be challenging to alter your food habits, however, starting off with portion control can definitely help.

  • Consult with your physician for a nutrition recommendation

  • Set a meal schedule and avoid late-night eating.

  • Increase water consumption

  • Reducing sugary drinks and sweet intake.

3. Track your Medication:

  • Consider creating a medication schedule.

  • This will remind you to take your medications prescribed

  • Track how your medication makes you feel.

  • Stay in tune with how you feel while taking medication.

  • Create a Journal to log any feelings of abnormalities. It is helpful to also write down activities and times of occurrence

  • Monitor your blood sugars

  • Monitor by checking before and after every meal

  • Keeping an eye on your blood sugars after eating certain meals can help you determine which food affects your blood sugar the most.

4. Support Group:

  • Find a support group to motivate you and push you. My support was my trainer and life coach.

5. Remove unhealthy lifestyle habits:

  • Smoking:

  • Smoking can lessen the effectiveness of insulin. Smoking makes managing the disease and regulating insulin levels difficult.

  • Alcohol Intake:

  • Limit your alcohol consumption

  • Keep on hand glucagon kits in case of Emergency

I recommend consulting your physician before implementing these tips.

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