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I am a survivor, I will not be silenced

Well, many people don't know that domestic violence is something that should be normalized. So without further ado, I'm just going to say we're going to normalize this conversation today to let people know that domestic domestic violence abuse is real and know that this is something very serious that we should take serious. And so just to kind of give you an idea about domestic violence abuse, I'm going to go ahead and give you the definition of what domestic violence abuse is. And domestic violence abuse is also referred to as intimate partner violence, intimate dating violence in a relationship. It's a pattern of behaviors by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship.

Domestic violence does not discriminate.

It doesn't discriminate at all whether it's people of any race, any age, any gender, sexuality, religion, education level, or economic status. Any person could be a victim or perpetrator involved in domestic violence. And just to kind of break it down a little more, because some people may not know there are different types of domestic violence abuse. There are such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, spiritual abuse, and also digital abuse.

I know some people like digital abuse. What do you mean? You can abuse somebody on the Internet just as well as you can in person. And so now I want to give you just to kind of give you an idea of a statistic of how serious this is. 10 million people a year are physically abused by an intimate partner.

20,000 calls are made every day to the domestic Violence hotlines. Furthermore, 20% of women have been raped. And do you know that as of today, there has been 545 gun related domestic violence fatalities this year? Now, think about that. That's about an average of 49 lives killed per month thus far.

So let that sink in. Sometimes we as women have a strong woman syndrome, but we're dying inside. But we're dying inside. Because again, it goes back to you saying that when we're dealing with something, nobody's not going to believe us, they won't hear us, they won't see us, so we shut down, right? So everybody sees us as a strong person, but really we're hurting.

And then when we do speak, it's like, oh, there goes that angry black woman. And instead of saying, there goes that angry black woman, people should start saying, how can I help this black woman? How can I help this woman of color to get through what she's going through so she won't be seen as that person? And I think, again, normalizing this conversation, having these conversations to where it's okay for us to express how we feel, and knowing that someone is going to be able to stand by us, to help us along our journey to deal with the things that we were dealing with, there wouldn't be so many deaths. There won't be so many women taking their lives or there won't be so many women being abused by their partners or vice versa.

The next part of my journey is trying to make sure that we get programs in place where churches embrace this type of stuff and educate and can be aware of what's going on, being able to recognize the science, knowing how to refer someone to the professional. Because I understand you can pray about this all day, every day. And we know that faith without works is dead. And some of that works mean it requires professional experts, not necessarily the pastor or the minister, the minister, the pastor, or the lead servant in the church who could be abusing their spouse or abusing someone else in the church. We might not know that.

So there need to be proper protocols in place, and programs in place where this can happen. And I agree with you, it should be within the church. The church should be one of the leading examples. I mean, if we are honoring God and we expect people to honor God and walk with price, then why not be like that and be that example? ALike you said, there are a whole lot of scriptures there in the Bible that talk about self-worth and self-esteem and all these different things, but it's a lot of other things in the Bible that speak about how to take care of people. Jesus Christ did it. He walked and he walked. I mean, he did all these things. This is what we as people of God need to start doing, and not just speaking about it, but being about it.

I want to also highlight the fact that if you are someone who is going through domestic violence abuse right now, what I want you to understand is there is a place that you can get to. And to do that, there is a hotline number. There's a national domestic violence hotline number that you can reach out to, and that number is 180-799-7233. Again, that number is 1807 99723, three. And on top of that, if you can't make the phone call, you can always go to their website if you have access to the internet and go to, that is www dot the and you can have a private chat with them also as well.

But not least you have me dry Alana Jerry. You can follow me on all social media platforms under Yjmpowers. That's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And you can also reach out to me at my website, which is And I would like to say I am also the host of my show to Doctor Yolandajerry show.

So if you're someone who has gone through trauma and drama and you are now a survivor that's thriving and your trauma and drama pushed you into your purpose, please go to my website and book their spot on my Doctor Yolanda show. Advocacy is centered at the heart of every Philanthropist. Echoing that notion at its finest; is the diversified professional, Dr. Yolanda Jerry.

Dr. Yolanda Jerry is an International Best-Selling Author, speaker, business guru, and CEO and Founder of YJ Empowerment Solutions LLC, a multidisciplinary advocacy program, invented to help clients push beyond their past traumas and elevate to the next level, personally, professionally, and spiritually. Affectionately known as the “Empowerment Advocate,” Dr. Jerry is reputed for her innate ability to exhort multi-generational audiences through her powerful and relatable messages, as she passionately advocates for truth, healing, resiliency, and personal growth. Yolanda delivers an awe-inspiring proponent perspective against domestic violence, youth bullying, and sexual assault. Through the vernacular of a survivor, she impacts many, inspiring them to create the best version of themselves; despite tragedy, and to become intentional in the pursuit of their life’s purpose and goals.

Yolanda’s mantra is simple: Accept the past. Focus on the now. Impact the future. Adding to her philanthropic capacity, Dr. Yolanda Jerry is also a retired Air Force veteran and Director of Women’s Ministry at Epic Fellowship Church in Rocky Mount, NC. As a highly respected member of both local and national communities, Yolanda has been featured and headlined in well-respected publications, such as the Huffington Post, Sheen Magazine, Glambitious Magazine, Courageous Woman Magazine, MizCEO Entrepreneurial Magazine, Gulf Coast Woman Magazine, Success Women’s Magazine, VIP Global Magazine and many more; all highlighting the remarkable impression Yolanda has left on an ever-changing world.

One of Yolanda’s most notable features was her article called “The Day I Decided to Leave.” A compelling survivor’s testament so impressive, it was chosen by highly respected, serial producer and screenwriter, Shonda Rhimes, to be displayed in her online storytelling periodical column, “Shondaland,” in 2020.

Dr. Jerry is also recognized as both a highly decorated professional and nonprofit organizer, receiving numerous awards and recognition for her contributions to charity, business, military service, and community. She is the proud recipient of the Humanitarian Service Award: Trinity International University of Ambassadors, the Rising Star Award: Mississippi Gulf Coast Black Owned Businesses, “You Are Beautiful” Survivor Award & State of Connecticut Official Citation, One Coast Community Leader Award Finalist: Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of

Commerce, Top 50 Black Women in Business in Mississippi: Black Women’s Business Expo, Volunteer of the Year and Top Influencer Award: Success Women’s Conference, Kish Magazine Women of Dignity Top 31 History Makers, Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris and many more. Yolanda currently holds a chair or seat on over 14 well-respected community organizations, attesting candidly to the force she is in the areas of business and servant leadership.

When Dr. Yolanda Jerry is not out advocating for those in need, she is a loving partner, mother, and friend.

Dr. Yolanda Jerry. Leader. Energizer. Advocate.

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