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Affirm Yourself for the New year

Some people may ask, what is an affirmation, and why are they important? Affirmations are simply, I Am statements that allow you to embody what you are speaking. Affirmations are key to renewing your mind as well as putting yourself in a better mindset. With just one daily affirmation you can empower and motivate yourself to meet your goals.

Not only do I believe in affirmations but I use them in my daily life. For a long time when I was unemployed, I applied for numerous jobs but could not understand why I was having a hard time finding a position that met my needs. I had a master's degree with several years of experience, so I knew I was a great candidate however I could not find a job that met my salary requirements. Then one day it all clicked, and I realized that I was applying for all types of job positions, whether they met my requirements or not. Then at that moment, I decided that I would only apply to jobs that met my salary requirements. And once I applied for the job, I decided to speak an affirmation of "I am hired with a job that pays me what I am worth." A simple yet effective affirmation.

As I began to speak the daily affirmation, I started to receive several interviews for positions that were paying the salary that I wanted and I was eventually hired for one of those jobs. At that moment, it felt like God had finally heard my prayers and I understood what it really meant to speak things into existence. By making the commitment to start with one affirmation I was able to accomplish my goal of getting a new job and now I apply affirmations to every area of my life.

So for the new year, whatever goal you have, make an affirmation for it. If you want to make more money, simply affirm,

"I affirm that I am making more money in 2023." Or, for the love, you can affirm, "I am attracting more love in my life."

Try speaking your affirmations first thing in the morning or even while in the shower to get yourself motivated for the day. You can also make your affirmations a part of your self-care routine by reciting them while you are meditating or even working out. By speaking affirmations, you will have a positive mindset and watch how opportunities flow to you.

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