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A Tribute to the Caregivers: Thank You

We take this time to celebrate you for all you’ve done

For taking such good care of your loved one

You took on this awesome task that no one else could do,

Because no one cares for your loved one quite like you.

There are so many qualities to providing good care.

The main one is having a generous heart to want to share-

Your skills, gifts, love, and your time

Giving of yourself to your loved one is what makes you shine!

Alzheimer’s, Dementia, cancer, and other illness are hard diagnosis’s for all

But as a caregiver, you answered a much-needed call

To help when and where there are needs

And give unselfishly in word and in deeds

We want you to know your labor is not in vain

We really appreciate all your struggle and your pain

We can never repay you for all you have done

Through the many battles and the victories won.

We know it has not been easy–often quite a heavy load

And there have been many bumps along the road

You may have been misunderstood, labeled, and denied the services you need

Or often criticized and not recognized for your labor or your good deed.

We honor, yes, we honor your tremendous sacrifice

Your time, your family, your body, and so many parts of your life

We thank you caregivers: we thank you once, we thank you twice

And know you are appreciated for the rest of your life.

@2021 Rolanda Pyle

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