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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Family Caregivers

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

The holiday season is my favorite time of year. Colorful Decorations! Christmas Carols! Christmas Cookies! Corny Christmas movies! I want it all! The holiday season is also

known as the season of gifting. As someone who enjoys both giving and receiving gifts, I make an extra effort to give people gifts that they would like and enjoy themselves. What

is the point of me giving them something that caters to my interests if it does not cater to theirs? Case in point…when I was in undergraduate school, my long-term boyfriend gave

me a RED TASMANIAN DEVIL THROW PILLOW for my birthday. Yep, the Tasmanian Devil from the Looney Toons franchise and he was playing golf. My first thought was “Did he buy this on clearance?” I was not a fan of golf, nor did the colors on the pillow match anything in the apartment that I shared with my mother. I was so confused. Shortly after receiving it, I ended up donating it to the Salvation Army because it had no meaning to me.

If there are caregivers in your life, some of the best gifts are ones that help them to feel supported and give them well-deserved time off from caregiving. The time off allows

them the chance to rest, recharge and have some fun! Here are some holiday gift ideas for caregivers:

1. A Break from Caregiving - Caregiving can take a toll on the mind, body, and spirit. Make a commitment to help with caregiving tasks…a weekend, a day, a few hours; whatever you can do on a regular basis will be of tremendous help.

2. Coffee Dates - Being a caregiver can be lonely and isolating. Help them to get out of the house by taking them to or meeting them at a local coffee shop. If they live far away, give them a gift card, make a phone date, and meet up for a virtual coffee date.

3. Spa or Massage Treatments - Caregiving can be stressful with very few opportunities to relax. Gifting a gift card or gift certificate to their favorite nail salon or local spa provides them an opportunity to de-stress and be pampered.

4. A Meal - Caregivers often have to prepare separate meals: one for their loved ones and one for themselves and their family. A gift card to their favorite restaurant, or delivery service such as Uber Eats or Grubhub, eliminates the need to leave the house and instead have the food delivered to their door. Meal Delivery Kit services such as Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are great long-term options.

5. House Cleaning - Because so much time and attention is designated to caring for their loved ones, house cleaning is sometimes one of the last items on a To-Do List. Hire a cleaning service or offer to handle some cleaning yourself. For the tech-savvy caregiver, a robot vacuum can be gifted to help keep the floors clean.

6. House Maintenance - Taking care of the exterior of a home can be taxing. Hire a landscaper, lawn mowing service, or gutter cleaners, or handle these tasks yourself.

7. A Journal - Many caregivers experience worry, fear, anxiety, depression, and frustration. Journaling can be cathartic.

8. Neck and Back Massager - Massagers are good for providing short-term neck, shoulder, and back pain relief. They also help to reduce stress and increase

relaxation at the end of a long, hard day.

9. Smart Alarm Clock - With features like mood lighting and soothing sounds, and customizable sleep and waking programs, this gift can set the right tone for bedtime — and for waking up refreshed.

10. Yoga Equipment - Yoga is a good way to relax the body and mind. A yoga mat, yoga gear (clothes, socks, water bottle), and a gift certificate to a yoga class are great options.

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