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The Balancing Act

“Mom! What’s for dinner?”

“Honey! Can you help me find my favorite blue paisley tie?”

Baby screams crying in the background

Have you ever walked in your home from a long day of putting out fires at work, with a briefcase loaded down with more assignments and deadlines that need to be completed expeditiously then was met with all of the demands up above?

But wait a minute! Don’t you still have to “self-care”, as well? On my way home from work one day, I looked down at my phone and saw I had a request to cook steak and a need for my son to run by the store to get some items for a school project.

Then, I walked through the door and the dog had the nerve to look at me as if to say, “woman, are you going to feed me, bathe me and love me anytime today?”

There is no doubt the working woman has a lot on her plate and is oftentimes faced with having to meet the demands of projects within the workplace as well as the needs of those within her household. The following tips will be helpful in helping you to face those challenges.

Pick a day of the week to sit down in silence, and write down all of the things that you need to accomplish for the week. Once this list has been created, write down assignments for others within your home and business to help you accomplish these tasks.

For instance, if you know that you have a business meeting scheduled after work hours but you still need dinner to be fixed for the family that night, ask your partner if they would not mind arranging for dinner to be ordered, served or cooked for that one night. Housework…ugh! The job that is never complete. And let’s face it. No one wants to or can live in a pigsty which would be the case if your to do list keeps on expanding. I would highly suggest professional help in the form of a housekeeper. This kills two birds with one stone. You get an awesome form of self-care that requires you to do nothing but sit and enjoy the fruits thereof. And you get to have one less thing off of the to do list that you didn’t have to actually complete yourself. If it’s not within your budget to do so, or you just don’t feel comfortable with someone in your home, break down your workload. Pick a different room in the house and set a time frame to clean it from top to bottom. So, on your weekly to do list you would write the following:


Clean the Guest Bedroom


Deep Clean the bathrooms


Clean the Master bedroom


Clean the children’s room

(but only if they are small

and can’t manage to

do this themselves).


Deep Clean the Kitchen


Clean the Lanai


Yard Work

In business, learn how to delegate. Let’s face it, we are amazing people who can do anything we put our mind to. However, do you really have time to use your superpowers to do everything including shopping for toilet tissue in the office when you also have to manage staff or spend hours typing up lengthy reports and proposals.

Think about ways in which you can involve others to help you to manage the workplace and to help you to complete your primary duties that only you are able to do.

The key to work life balance is to set goals and have a plan, then implement this plan to address all of what has been entrusted to you to handle. Guess what?


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