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“I said no” The words spilled out of my mouth faster than I could stop them, shocking both me and everyone in the meeting. It was at this very moment that the “yes girl” the “I'll take care of it girl” morphed into a real woman.

Women are natural nurtures to our core. This beautiful gift that we possess, often causes us to take on the cares of this world and much more. Now, who voted for us to hold this heavyweight? whether we volunteered or were tiiiiied (tired) the moment I said no, was the very moment I signed up for power, freedom, and loving myself.

When you are in love with someone, you will do any and almost everything in your power to keep the recipient happy. You will protect the love and relationship from Negative Nancy and Problem Paul, right? So how in the world could I have all this protection for my relationships but fail to empower and equip the most important person in the equation… myself? The moment the woman rose in me and advocated for the girl was a very day I told her goodbye and good riddance!

So, what does this newfound freedom and power look like? Some may use the term “self-care”, others may call it “ME Time” Regardless of the terms used, there’s no one great way for everyone. Self-care may include spa trips with friends or social isolation. Social isolation, while at times may appear to be dark and gloomy to some, but for others (like myself) is considered much-needed reset moments.

I said, “No,” to extra work being thrown onto me, no to keeping everyone else happy, no to being the fixer, and no to neglecting my needs for the sake of others. Now saying no without guilt and remorse may take some time to master, but you'll get there. Once you realize and understand that by saying “no” the world will go on, the faster you will be on your way to caring and truly loving yourself. Beloved, even Superman had to go into the phone booth to get himself together before reemerging to save the world! Go on, take a moment or as much time as you need the world will go on and so should you!

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