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Self Care and Grief: 7 steps to freedom

Last year was very challenging for me. My mom, nephew, aunt, my ex-boyfriend, and 6 friends passed away. This was all in 8 months. I decided to take my time to grieve each person. Here are some valuable lessons I learned that I want to share:

It's okay to not be okay. You don't need to be strong all the time.

People will abandon you when they can't get what they want.

Therapy is important for your mental health. It doesn't mean something is wrong with

you or you're weak.

Learn how to get in the presence of God without someone setting the atmosphere

for you.

It's okay to go through the different stages of grieving.

Forgive yourself and others.

My church family helped me through a lot of this and had no clue what was going on. Community is very important. My daughter was very helpful through this process. She knew something was wrong with me. She hugged and kissed me often and rubbed my face. (She is 21 months old.) Children are truly a gift from God!

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