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Self Care After Grief

Be watchful of the rabbit hole of depression, if you catch yourself going there quickly turn around.

It’s rumored people who have chosen (because it is a choice) that path has never returned to what we consider normal. Embrace a balanced mindset and seek counsel if need be. Establish a rock-solid trust in yourself. In the words of our former President “YES We Can” take on this new unknown territory we once had with the one that is no longer on the journey with us.

Be kind to yourself speak strength and courage to yourself as often as needed. My granddaughter once told me “Nanny there’s no such thing as a bad day (out of the mouths of babes). After giving a little thought to her statement hum, I believe she is right. Yes, some days you may have to take more deep breaths remembering this too shall pass. On those days I like to put on my favorite music and dance or sing my favorite song. Do you have a favorite song you know the one that gets your mind balanced or the one that gives you the courage to take on the challenges of the moment?

Be optimistic in your thoughts don’t allow them to lead you astray to negative Nancy she will tie up all of your time.

Be generous with some not all of your spare time there are so many volunteer opportunities such as food banks, churches nonprofit organizations that could use your help. I have met some of the kindest people in doing so. Remember the more you give the more you receive.

Be Beautiful set an appointment at your favorite spa and nail shop. It’s really true when you look good you feel good.

Be thankful, yes be thankful for the time you were allowed to spend with the one that has now gone. May the precious memories bring joy and peace to your heart always. If you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye write a letter or note. Once written let the wind take it away!

Be mindful of yourself. YOU matter YOU are valuable your life is a precious gem. Lastly, think about setting for yourself or your family's short and long-term goals. Having something to look forward to is magical also focusing on goals will aid in keeping your mind focused and balanced on preparation for gain and not the loss.

A Pastor once told our congregation the mind can only think one thought at a time. That being the case let’s self-care and guide our thoughts towards gains. As we celebrate all that life offers the losses defiantly the gains of the past, present, and a glorious future!

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