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Wake up WAKE the hell up!! You’re not dead. Yea you lived through another night to wake up to the same ole shit. Resulting in a pounding headache, chest pain, dizziness, and feeling nauseated. The choices you made while eating food, having drinks, and smoking; only to mask the feelings that you can’t hide with regret. Nothing has changed. You have a hangover, sick from all the junk you ate; to top it off you have the shits. NO sleeping in its MONDAY, get up, you can’t miss another day because (you’re on the list) of your frequent call-outs. Is this how you react to stress on a daily basis? Girrrrrrrl you better get right or you might stroke out, be paralyzed, or die. GET IT TOGETHER. Girllll gets up off the bathroom floor, brush yourself off.

Are you ready to move on? Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Act as you love yourself. If not love you like GOD loves you. Whom are you changing for? What will you do? How will you go about it? Make you happy, take the time to smile, and love you J.

You will hurt, be broke, disgusted, deceived, hungry give your heart to Jesus be committed to him. Look up. It’s not about money, don’t be ashamed, give him praise. He’s getting you through. He’s waiting on you. Breathe the fresh air and it will do you fine. This road may seem like the roughest road you have ever traveled, “This is the road you need to be on for this journey.

"Let your inner peace be released. Stop living in the shadows of others. Why did you give up on your dreams?"

Who were you before you got married? All you want is to love yourself. That begins from the inside out. Love yourself as God loves you. Fix your crown and hold your head up.

Stand in the front of the mirror, ask God to guide you, and have FAITH. The storm will get worse, it will pass. What can save you? What are you striving for? The pain and tears are real, don't give up. Keep your FAITH. Lean on God be FOCUSED there is HOPE. You still have life in you. You were not born to give up, he will give you peace. You have the VICTORY.

It’s Okay Not To be Ok. Get out of your own way, start living, relaxing, do something new or start again yoga, meditation, walking, hiking, swimming, and/or playing an instrument. Begin journaling your journey, acknowledge your stress level and anger - it may save your life. Be in control of your life and prepare for the challenge?

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