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Going Off the Grid

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Disconnecting for self-care

Travel Local

Find somewhere close just to go and relax; no phone, no internet, social media, just a place to unwind and relax. Even if it's traveling locally, you don't have to go far just to take a break from life.

Remote Locations

When booking a vacation, look for places in a remote location with cabins or an Airbnb, or do something unique and travel to a remote town.

Camping Under the Stars

Camping is an excellent way to get off the grid! by pitching a tent in a park, or if you are girly like me, go Glamping!

Road Trip

Get a camper and hit the road. It can be so much fun to take a road trip, disconnect from the world and get off the grid for a while. Map it out and stop to see tourist sites, and sleep at camper locations and hotels.

Purchase Vacation Property

Invest in yourself and in your peace of mind! Find your vacation property that can be your home away from home. A place that can allow you to disconnect from the world—your little slice of heaven!

Get Your Island

Yes, I said it—why not? If you want to go all out, try renting an entire island for yourself and some friends—do it!

Traveling can renew your mind, allowing you to gain a new perspective and help recharge you mentally from life's everyday stressors. Many of us are similar—we go from work to home, deal with the next part of our lives, and forget to take a break. It's a repeating cycle that becomes repetitive. World-changing events like COVID taught us that life is short, and you must live for today and the dire need for self-care and disconnection. In 2020, I decided to start my own travel company, Essential Peace Travel; not only am I helping others, but I am also learning to travel alone, allowing myself to really experience my "me-time" and enjoying getting away from it all.

Starting my journey with traveling allowed me to see that there are many ways to travel and that the part people fail to acknowledge is that traveling alone allows for self-discovery!!! We forget to create time for ourselves to allow for a reset, find ourselves, reconnect with GOD, find peace, and enjoy life. We all need a moment to recharge, and that is when traveling off the grid is essential to self-peace!

Have you ever taken a trip, relaxed, or traveled off the grid? If you have never traveled off the grid, below are some ideas and tips for planning your next vacation. I want to bring awareness to the importance of self-care, how to ensure you are taking time for yourself while traveling, the importance of traveling for your mental/physical health, and balancing life! So, what is traveling off the grid? Traveling off the grid is a way to decompose the stressor of life. Recharge and take a mental and physical break. The goal is to take time away from the world and focus on yourself. Taking that much-needed mental break.

Disconnecting gives you time to reconnect and divert your attention back to yourself and GOD. Give yourself time to relax, reflect and enjoy life and all it provides. Taking breaks is essential to your self-care. I have learned that traveling should be part of your self-care. I encourage you to find a way to travel, and if you need to focus on your self-care, start today! The traveling mindset is positive, open, and grateful for everything and everybody around you.

It is time to change and improve our mindset and gain a new perspective on life, allowing ourselves to relearn how we are, understand our purpose, get realigned with GOD, and redefine our meaning of life.

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