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Embracing Your Sensual Essence: The Journey to Sexual Wellness and Empowerment

Knowing your Sexual Self is a major part of your sexual wellness and should be a part of your self-care routine. Sex is a beautiful thing and learning the difference between sex and intimacy can define your relationship with your partner and the relationship with yourself. If you don’t know what you want or need, how can you ever expect someone else to give it to you? Allowing yourself to indulge in the 5 Senses 2 Intimacy experience is a peaceful retreat. The ability to make an intimate connection with touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound is an art that I enjoy teaching. Intimacy starts from the time you wake up in the morning and lasts until the time to fall asleep at night.

The first step to sexual wellness is good hygiene. The next step in intimate satisfaction is all about stimulation, gentle touches, sensual conversations, thoughts, etc. Women often find themselves unable to reach an orgasm through intercourse. Our partners are often under the notion that “in and out is the only route” so it leaves us feeling unsatisfied or incomplete. To reach full orgasmic pleasure, it takes both physical and mental collaboration. If your mind is on life’s obstacles to intimacy such as kids, career, or finances your body won’t connect sexually with your partner. If you don’t know your body, and what makes you feel good, or if you don’t know how to communicate what you want/need, you’re still cheating yourself out of complete sexual pleasure.

Sexual wellness is just as important as anything else. The lack of intimacy or sex in any relationship can lead to anxiety, depression, aggression, headaches, confusion, and many other physical and emotional issues. You can’t charge a battery without some form of energy. That’s the same with people. Sexual energy is a powerful source of sustained magnetic energy. It’s a natural stress reliever. Physical touch holds power. It’s exhausting trying to be present for everything and everyone else but yourself. Having sexual intercourse helps to release all of that negative energy that has been transferred onto you from your daily routines. Just as you make time for everything else, you need to be intentional about making time for yourself. Pleasure holds power. There was a time when women found themselves confined to traditions where the men lead the sexual part of the relationship as they did everything else. They weren’t allowed to ask for certain things sexually, so they were left unfulfilled. Their needs weren’t being met and they were too afraid or embarrassed to ask for what they desired. It takes a strong woman to step into her famine power and admit that she is not satisfied with her sex life. It takes an even bolder woman to admit that her partner can learn a thing or two when it comes to pleasing her as well. The sad truth of the matter, however, is that some women don’t really know themselves and are too afraid to explore and figure it out.

I am aware and pleased that there are more and more women today that are learning who they are, and they are not afraid to explore their bodies, nor do they suffocate their desires. Women are taking control of their wants and needs now more than ever. Fetishes and kinks are no longer taboo and raunchy, but they are being celebrated. BDSM is no longer associated with a specific race or gender, it’s being cultivated, and women today are not afraid to ask for the pleasure platform that they require. Women are stepping into a new era and loving themselves more. Self-care, self-pleasure, self-respect, and selfless desire. One of my favorite sexual experiences was using Tantra. Mind-blowing orgasmic pleasure. Stimulating pleasure through breathing and pacing. Learning the true art of intimacy can lead to better relationships. You learn to never stop dating each other. Never get too comfortable. Most of all, never get complacent in your relationship because there is always something that you can learn or do differently. If you want to learn how to stay prepared and present, remember that Your bedroom should always be equipped with toys, candles, oils, and water for hydration. Lastly, your bedroom is not your kids’ playroom, it’s yours.

Learn to embrace your sexual essence and your beauty. Desire your pleasure as you desire to be pleasured. It’s ok to touch yourself and find what makes you “feel” and find the passion within that allows you to release all of the past trauma that has caused you to be so afraid to love the woman that you are.

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