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EMBRACING LIFE: my triumph over breast cancer

The morning I received my diagnosis of Stage IV Breast Cancer, the world seemed to stand still. The words echoed in my mind, but my heart raced ahead to the battles that lay ahead. I was a veteran sports publicist, and life had thrown me a curveball I had never imagined​​.

The journey began with an unexpected diagnosis but, as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The treatments were challenging, to say the least. Each session of chemotherapy was a test of endurance, but with the incredible support of my family and community, I soldiered on. The fight was not just against cancer but against the fear and the despair it brings along.

As a real estate professional in Atlanta, I decided to use my personal journey as a catalyst to make a difference. During the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I pledged to donate 15% of my commissions to Greater Atlanta Susan G. Komen. This initiative was not just about raising funds but about raising hope, showing that with support, one could face the direst of situations and emerge stronger​​.

The aftermath of the battle was another challenge. The physical and emotional scars needed healing. But as I navigated through the recovery, I became a beacon of hope for many. My story resonated with the warriors fighting the same battle I had fought and won.

Cancer-free, I became a champion for all of those still combating the disease. As an advocate and spokesperson for Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta, my days were filled with speaking engagements at churches, women’s conferences, and support groups. Sharing my story became a therapy, a way to heal, not just for me, but for others who found solace and strength in my journey​​.

Life threw a curveball, but I hit back hard, not just for me but for everyone battling breast cancer. Today, I stand tall, a testament to resilience, hope, and the power of community support, ready to face whatever comes next with a heart full of gratitude and a soul full of vigor.

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