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7 Self-Care Strategies for Working Moms That Will Help You Survive (and Thrive) in a Crazy World

You already have a lot on your plate as a working mother. You're balancing hard work, raising a family, and trying to take care of yourself. To say the least, it can be overwhelming. Yet there's good news: self-care is vital to surviving (and thriving!) in this hectic world. These are five self-care practices to help you refuel, renew, and be your best self.

Take a break from your electronic devices.

Screens are everywhere in today's environment, and it's hard to escape their presence. The digital world can be difficult to escape, what with our phones and laptops keeping us company at work, as well as our televisions and tablets keeping us company at home. But, taking a break from screens on a regular basis is essential for maintaining your mental and physical health. Put down the phone, walk away from the computer, and go spend some time in the great outdoors. When you're there, pick up a book or participate in an activity that you find enjoyable.

Get moving.

Exercising both your body and your mind is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for yourself. It is an excellent strategy for relieving stress and improving one's attitude. Exercising daily, even for a brief period of time, can have a significant impact on one's health. Take a hike, sign up for a yoga session, or head to the gym to get some exercise. Do whatever makes you happy and gives you the boost of energy and revitalization that you need.

Connect with others.

The love and encouragement you get from your own family and from friends are perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of motherhood. Put aside some time to get in touch with them, whether it be by a phone call, a text message, or a trip to their location. You will experience less stress and more relaxation if you make the effort to spend time with the people who are important to you.


Meditation is a highly effective method for reducing stress and increasing feelings of calm. It can assist you in calming your mind, bringing your attention to the here and now, and letting go of any unfavorable sensations or thoughts. Try devoting ten to fifteen minutes of your day, either in the morning or the evening, to the practice of meditation. You may try using guided meditations, or applications designed for mindfulness, or you could just sit in silence and concentrate on your breath.

Prioritize sleep.

It is critical to both your physical and emotional health that you get an adequate amount of sleep. It is far more difficult to concentrate, be productive, and deal with stress when you are exhausted. Every night, you should aim to get between seven and eight hours of sleep, and you should also develop a pattern that allows you to do so. This can entail taking some time to wind down before night, staying away from screens, and establishing an environment that is dark and quiet.

Feed and water your body.

Consuming a diet that is beneficial to your physical and mental health is absolutely necessary. Be sure to consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals that are whole, and proteins that are lean. Being hydrated is important for maintaining good health, so make sure to drink enough water and stay away from processed meals, sugary drinks, and fast food. Consuming nutritious food will not only enhance your overall health but can also make you feel more energized, focused, and optimistic.

Treat yourself.

Finally, don't forget to spoil yourself every once in a while! Do something that brings you joy and helps you recharge your energy, whether it's taking a long, soothing bath, getting a massage, or going out with your friends. You deserve it!

As a mother who also has a career, it's not uncommon to have feelings of exhaustion and lack of energy on a regular basis. Nevertheless, if you make these methods of self-care a regular part of your routine, you will be able to assist yourself in feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on whatever the outside world may throw at you. Take care of yourself first and foremost because you need to be healthy to take care of your loved ones. If you make self-care a priority, you'll be better equipped to handle the stresses of parenting and the workplace. So, relax, prioritize your own health and happiness, and take pleasure in the ride.

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